Web Design

Web Design Costs

To give you a couple of guide prices on what indizine can offer you, here are some examples:

Example 1: Professional, customised, mobile-friendly website theme design with a content management system (Wordpress). Up to 15 pages including a contact form, blog/news page and a photo gallery. Also includes onsite SEO plus a free 2 hour training session (Doncaster area only).  12 months complimentary website hosting with email, and a 12 month SSL certificate (GDPR) to secure your website, available to all new website customers.

Cost: £795


Example 2: Ecommerce website fully loaded with features and easy to use back end admin system. Mobile friendly. Unlimited products. Full custom design and an easy-to-use back end admin system. Includes keyword research and onsite SEO. Fully loaded with features!

Cost: £1495


Important Note:

We provide a handover training session on how to use the content management system to edit your content, manage orders, etc. We also show you how to do backups of your website, how to view and understand the website stats and answer any other queries you have.

If comparing quotes, please make sure you are comparing our prices with a like-for-like specification as all these things are what makes for a good website that will rank in search engines and support your offsite SEO efforts. You can get cheaper websites, but do they offer the same quality, the same rapid and professional response, the same level of customer service and assurity and integrity?

Are they creating just a 'website' or an important marketing tool for your business? Have they got a background in marketing? In SEO? In business advice? Or are they just 'designers'? Have they fully evaluated your business and what you want out of your website?

Designers can produce some pretty eye catching designs, but will it actually work - will it bring in traffic (is it optimised?) and will it convert that traffic (customers visitng your website) into enquiries or online orders? If not, be careful of that pretty design. All that glitters is not gold!

Our support offers a rapid response to your queries; guaranteed the same working day. Also, we do not release a website without first testing everything works as it should and that everything is present and correct and you'll be given the opportunity to check it yourself before it goes live. We'll run test contact form messages, test orders, plus we'll test any other functionality we have created or added.


Problems with your website or website designer?


To date we have a 100% success rate of successfully dealing with problem websites - things that are broken and not working properly on your website such as links, or has not ever worked such as an email contact form.

We also have the same 100% success rate of obtaining the login details and website files from previous web designers who have made it difficult for clients to have absolute ownership, control and access of their website.

Perhaps your web designer doesn't answer your calls or emails, or is slow to respond or implement things you have asked to be done on your website. You feel as if you are stuck with them and paying their hosting fees, which are often higher than elsewhere (definitely more than we would charge you!) and you feel locked in to them.

There is a way out, and on your behalf, we deal with getting your website into your control using professional tact and diplomacy at all times. We deal with them for you - all we need is your permission.

Our clients stay with indizine because they want to, and not because they have to.