Good Web Design - what to look for

Discover the elements of good web design                                           

Good Web Design Doncaster - It's become obvious these days that there is more to having a website than pretty graphics and buy-now buttons sprinkled around the pages. Serious thought has to be given to effective page layout, good functionality, relevant graphic images, and above all, the correct use of relevant keywords used correctly within your page content to achieve a professional website design to reflect your business.

Finding a good web design company

We take your business seriously and because we have a background in new business start ups and growing businesses, as well as the more established businesses, this means we are aware of the barriers that many business owners and start-ups face when considering a new website for their business.

We know how important it is to have a professional looking website designed to reflect the quality of your business and how necessary it is to use a web design agency that 'does the job' for you. A website is after all, a marketing tool. Whether it's a dynamic portal or a simple but effective brochure website, you need a good website design company that will do what it says on the tin; deliver what you need and deliver what you asked for.

We look after your website design – and you stay in control

It takes good communication to achieve the ultimate selling tool of your business. We monitor the progress of your project effectively and  keep you informed and updated every step of the way.

We have implemented two new documents to our web project management process - a progress chart and an update and feedback chart. Both are two-way documents between us and you, the client. It mirrors the progress of your project against your exact specification. We guarantee to meet your specification and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

This is your website project and it needs looking after. That means documenting the whole process so we both know at any one time where your web project is at, with a live link to view progress, and a chart you can view that shows what has been done and what is yet to be done, and with completion dates and sign-offs.

Communication is paramount

One of the major downfalls of web design is the failure on one or both sides to achieve clarity on a project. It is essential that you take the time think about what you need for your website design and development project.

You should produce a clear and concise document (web design plan) outlining each and every aspect of what you want and a summary of what you want to achieve with your website. If your web design agency has no idea what you are trying to achieve with your website, how can they create a website that will achieve your aims?

Unlimited revisions

We decided right from the start to allow unlimited revisions during our website design and development process. This is because once you get started, you as a client can really get into it, and have new thoughts and ideas along the way. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction so we don't stop until you are completely satisfied.

Once you are happy with the design, we freeze that and move onto developing the rest of the website according to your specification, but also with any feedback for revisions from you. You stay in control of how you want it to look. You are not stuck with anything you don't like or want, and because designing a bespoke website is a development project, as your site inches nearer to completion, you will see it emerging into exactly what you want.

No hidden charges

Whatever we quote you, it's all inclusive with no hidden charges. Our standard hourly rate is just £45.00 and we do lot's of little freebies for our customers after site completion. 

Need to talk to us outside normal business hours?

One thing we know about when you are starting up a business or running a side-line business, as well as doing your full time job, is that you can't really make some private calls during working hours for one reason or another, so feel free to make contact with us outside of our normal office hours - we are available most week days until around 7pm and weekends by arrangement.

Contact us and we can arrange a time and date to suit you or call 01302 288708.

Sandra Edwards, MD, Indizine


Problems with your website or website designer?


To date we have a 100% success rate of successfully dealing with problem websites - things that are broken and not working properly on your website such as links, or has not ever worked such as an email contact form.

We also have the same 100% success rate of obtaining the login details and website files from previous web designers who have made it difficult for clients to have absolute ownership, control and access of their website.

Perhaps your web designer doesn't answer your calls or emails, or is slow to respond or implement things you have asked to be done on your website. You feel as if you are stuck with them and paying their hosting fees, which are often higher than elsewhere (definitely more than we would charge you!) and you feel locked in to them.

There is a way out, and on your behalf, we deal with getting your website into your control using professional tact and diplomacy at all times. We deal with them for you - all we need is your permission.

Our clients stay with indizine because they want to, and not because they have to.